MFD accessory dwelling units

Long Beach – Detached Multifamily ADU

Long Beach MFD #1- Detached Multifamily ADU 2716 E. 1st st., Long Beach Ca. This project creates an innovative solution to a common problem with adding ADU's to existing apartments. As with many of the apartments here in Long Beach this property has a four-plex building in the front and four single car garages at [...]

Wood Coffee Co.

Wood Coffee co. "Plant based, queer owned coffee shop in LBC" Address: 2728 E 10th St, Long Beach, CA 90804 Most of us would not understand how difficult it is to create a business plan, acquire a loan, get through building and planning, manage construction, budgeting and then put in the long hours of [...]
Hanger door, Restaurant big door, Greenbelt ocean view, Long Beach

Ubuntu Cafe – Long Beach

335 Nieto, Long Beach Ca. (corner of Nieto and Coronado st.) This was a challenging site with a historically problematic and previously unsolved set of problems. This was originally constructed as a red car trolly stop in the early 1900's and when the new owners took possession of the property it had been a series [...]
330 Chinquapin building white base

330 Chinquapin, Carlsbad – 7 Unit

330 CHINQUAPIN AVENUE just received unanimous approval from the City of Carlsbad for a Tentative Tract Map, Planned Development Permit and Coastal Development Permit to allow the development of a seven-unit, residential air-space condominium project on a tight 0.44-acre site. 7 condo units with 16 parking spaces and 1 low income unit.   330 CHINQUAPIN [...]

3525 E. Anaheim St., Long Beach – Coastline Carwash

COASTLINE CARWASH 3525 E. Anaheim St. Long Beach, Ca. Coastline carwash is a modern self-serve carwash which features modern amenities as well as extensive green technologies for water reclamation and conservation, photovoltaic electric generation and water permeable driving surfaces. Programmatically the building is unique by offering bicycle / motorcycle cleaning areas, dog washing stations, and [...]
Long beach 5101 Ocean, Ripples - Burgers and Beer corner view

5101 Ocean, Long Beach Ripples – Burgers and Beer

Project: Restaurant Project Address: 5101 E. Ocean Blvd. Long Beach, Ca. 90803 Adaptive Re-use Commissioned Our team is excited to be able to work on this project both because of its amazing cultural significance as well as its potentially significant contributions to the Long Beach community. Historically the existing 5,000 SF venue was created as [...]
Ultra unit home design 14725 friar apartment

Astrella 12 unit TOC Apartment

Astrella 10 unit apartment in Van Nuys, Ca. Joint Venture Ultra-Unit Architectural Studio / MINARC New 12 unit apartment 14728 Friar st, Van Nuys, Ca. Joint Venture Ultra-Unit Architectural Studio / MINARC (