Zabba Apartments

1541 S. Hayworth ave, Los Angeles

We are excited to be working with DOSO properties on the development of this challenging 10 unit site in Los Angeles. With only a 8,660 sf lot our emphasis from the original concept was on making this building contextual. The current zoning approved project uses TOC incentives to shape 10 units, 9 of which are market rate and one low income unit in a tightly managed type V 4 story building incorporating balconies into each unit.

With the limited site perimeters, we focused our design efforts on small fenestration movements on the front facade and the urban graphics capability of having a backlit fiber cement panel wall. These movements shaped this project into one which the neighborhood council approved exuberantly while simultaneously creating a branding feature for the developer. In this neighborhood we believe the building should be experienced during the night as much as during the day like the Los Angeles culture which it engages.

At the conclusion a dramatic and sensitively crafted building has been conceived while still maintaining affordability.