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We Innovate Solutions

Ultra-Unit Architectural Studio is an award-winning boutique “design-build” architectural and construction firm based in Long Beach, California. The creative and tightly aligned team takes on select projects to assure functionally high-quality craftsmanship that also pleases the senses. The firm’s owner, Cameron Crockett AIA, LEED, has been an innovative leader in architectural design for nearly a decade.Cameron is also a well-respected licensed contractor with a innate sense of structural artistry.


Entertain possibilities. Hold an initial interview with the client to begin the creative evolution toward a solution.

Team Brainstorming

Allow ideas and issues to flow freely among team members to best serve client’s desires and needs and to arrive at an iconic result.

Feasibility Assessment

Extend dialogue with potential collaborators and vendors to gauge the viability of initial solutions, eliminating those that fail to meet requirements.

Design Solution

Develop a creative and practical solution that satisfies the client’s needs and desires.

Client Engagement

Deliver architectural and design solution to client. Advise client to seek bids from Ultra-Unit and other contractors to execute on the solution.

Build-out Proposal

Compete fairly for the build-out. Not only is Ultra-Unit an innovative architectural firm, it is also a well-managed construction company that tightly builds to specifications.

Project Oversight

Manage the construction project to completion. Ultra-Unit’s chief architect is also a master licensed contractor. With intimate knowledge of the project, he is uniquely capable of remaining true to design and guiding the build-out faithfully.

Assurance of Compliance

Pave a smooth path toward the timely completion of the construction project. With extensive experience working with government agencies, Ultra-Unit is able to facilitate efficient compliance with applicable city, county and state building regulations, eliminating headaches.

Final Walk-Through

Check-off items on the final punch list. With Ultra-Unit managing the project from ideation to finished build-out, the client is continuously involved in an unparalleled creative experience. The drive to elevate the human experience through structural art forms motivates Ultra-Unit to continue evolving as an engine of innovation.

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Ultra-Unit Architectural Studio
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