indoor view long beach ca building design by ultra unit architectural studio

Long Beach – Detached Multifamily ADU

Long Beach MFD #1- Detached Multifamily ADU 2716 E. 1st st., Long Beach Ca. This project creates an innovative solution to a common problem with adding ADU's to existing apartments. As with many of the apartments here in Long Beach this property has a four-plex building in the front and four single car garages at [...]
Exterior Access Stairs Design - Lemon Street - Triplex Long Beach

Lemon Street – Triplex

A tight little triplex layout as a back building here in Long Beach. Styling was in keeping with the main house which had some tasteful craftsman / bungalow styling.

ultra unit MADU architecture design

Skeeter Guest House

Building a guest house addition on a restrictive site and budget is always difficult not only due to the usual zoning limitations but also because of the need to give homage to the main residence. So is the case in this project. The existing house is a 1920’s style Spanish bungalow with conventional covered porches [...]