WUHO Gallery, Hollywood

  This installation introduces the topics of performance, dynamic reflexivity and interior ambiguity to architectural discourse. The experiential qualities of both watching this series of events unfold and immersing the participants in these events are intended to challenge the static and non-transformative architectural canons. Propositions realized not in representations of architectural space but in the medium of space itself as the subject.

The Performance

  Within the gallery space a simple rectangular shape is occupying the static center. white, balanced, 8ft tall, 5ft wide and 40ft long. It is the experience of the apriori object within space that appears to have no purpose and no ability to be occupied. The participant / viewer would like to explore this denied space, unwrap the present, pull back the curtain. Curiosity becomes the architectural vehicle. The only reference to a covert agenda is the subtle lines carved in the exterior skin that slowly begin to wake and reveal space. The inversion of object / immersion occurs in a slow deliberate movement that reveals itself in an unassuming manner. The object within space slowly becomes the occupiable space.


  The skeleton system was created utilizing CNC processes and then wrapped with heat shrink vinyl. Actuation was facilitated with 23 Bicycle tire pumps connected pneumatically with electronic valves and regulated with distance sensors.

Thanks to Amy Martorano, Tracy Anderson, Alan Burchfield, and Jeremy Gleim for all their help.

Funded through the generosity of the Maxine Frankel award