Panels Intallation Architectural Art Cantley Exhibit

Cantley Exhibit

Angeles, CA. This was a temporary installation designed and fabricated for the exhibit of works by Bryan Cantley at the SCI-ARC campus gallery.  Opening was October 10th, 2014. Sci-Arc Link LA Weekley Link Project URL: Cantley Exhibit
Shape Shelves - Ultra-Unit Architectural Studio

Shelves 1.003.4

These shelves were designed and optimized to fit a specific collection of books where each category is separated by built-in book ends according to the users interests. The result is a flowing, natural organization which as an added benefit also increased the usable shelf area compared to more traditional arrangements. Construction is natural birch wood shelves and a whitewashed bead-board backing.

Wine Rack Design - Ultra-Unit Architectural Studio

Wine Rack

These are custom made wine holders we designed and fabricated in our own shop. Made of folded aluminum and powder coated, the modular system allows for infinite extension by organically extending across the wall. Simultaneously sculptural and utilitarian.

City Table Southern California Architect - Ultra-Unit Architectural Studio.

City Table

This handcrafted table is designed and executed by Cameron Crockett, AIA, a celebrated Southern California architect who was inspired to repurpose traditional architectural tools to craft a furniture piece. This one-of-a-kind table celebrates the architectural model.