Long Beach MFD #1- Detached Multifamily ADU

2716 E. 1st st., Long Beach Ca.

This project creates an innovative solution to a common problem with adding ADU’s to existing apartments. As with many of the apartments here in Long Beach this property has a four-plex building in the front and four single car garages at the rear. Rather than convert the garages into ADU’s and eliminate this much needed parking, in this design we were able to keep all of the existing garages and use their roof as deck area for the new ADU units. This strategy adredses the height limitations of most cities which limit the overall height of the building to 16′-0″. This effectively prohibits any second floor ADU’s as structurally we cannot meet this height requirement and still maintain two stories.

This solution maintains the 16′ height limitations, creates high ceilings for the new ADU units, exploits the garage roof as part of the ADU outdoor space and meets all other ADU regulations.

This site is not more than a block from the beach now offers as an amenity the ability to use these new deck areas as an extension of the interior.