ultra unit MADU architecture design

Skeeter Guest House

Building a guest house addition on a restrictive site and budget is always difficult not only due to the usual zoning limitations but also because of the need to give homage to the main residence. So is the case in this project. The existing house is a 1920’s style Spanish bungalow with conventional covered porches [...]
custom bathroom design by ultra unit architectural studio

Eucalyptus Spa Bathroom

Eucalyptus St. residential spa bathroom completed! From the outset it was our intention to have this bathroom function more like a spa with materials and surfaces you can touch, feel, and experience through a range of different sunlighting positions throughout the day. The dynamic light qualities were further developed into individual wall planters for orchids [...]
State of the art Rauch Residence - Remodel - Hermosa Beach, CA

Rauch Residence – Remodel

This was a challenging and exciting site to design for. Challenging because we needed to economize construction costs in order to accommodate a limited remodeling budget and exciting because of the amazing ocean views and spacious beach city living style we were able to create.

Contemporary Design - Koh Residence Remodel - Ultra Unit Architectural Studio

Koh Residence Remodel

1051 10th street Hermossa Beach, Ca. Completed 2013   We were able to design and build this house homeowners in Hermossa Beach which insisted on an open plan in order to take full advantage of the second floor view of the ocean that this addition afforded.  Originally the residence was a small three bedroom, two [...]
Skylight Natural Architectural Light - Moraytis Whaley Residence

Moraytis Whaley Residence

PROJECT DATE: 11/1/2015 PROJECT SIZE: 2408 SF. $585,000.00 Construction Budget   SITE CONDITIONS: Extremely narrow 25’-0” wide lot allowing for only a 19’-0” wide house with setbacks.   PROGRAM:  The owners interest was in creating as functional a space as possible given the confines of the site and orient towards the view at the rear [...]
Interior Kitchen Design - Tuckman/Spitsnegal Residence Remodel - Ultra-Unit Architectural Studio

Tuckman/Spitsnegal Residence Remodel

Trained at London Central Saint Martin school of arts & specialising in the Music and Movie industries, I also have a strong background in Marketing, Communication and Sales that allows me to understand the needs of businesses and their

Latest Architectural Spaces - Valentine Custom Residence - Montecito heights, Los Angeles, CA.

Valentine Custom Residence

Currently we are working on this 2,200 Sq. Ft. house on a narrow 30' wide lot in the Montecito heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. We are paying close attention to maximizing the amazing view and exploiting as much deck space as is possible as a way of increasing the perceived area of the living space. [...]