PROJECT DATE: 8/1/2012

PROJECT SIZE: 1350 SF Addition, 300 SF Deck

$285,000.00 Construction Budget

Potential ocean view lot with a single primary view direction towards the south.


PROGRAM:  The clients interest in this project was threefold.  One to enable a dramatic ocean view only visible from the new second floor. Two to add a large kitchen, living and family room for their growing family and simultaneously position these areas to take advantage of the new view and third to minimize construction impact upon the existing bedrooms in the first floor.


DESIGN INTENT: From the initial design movements this was intended to be an adaption of the lanai typology and incorporate large expanses of glass around a central shared space both in order to expand the visual and useable space to the new addition, which was limited by allowable square footage (deck is not included) and to take advantage of the passive cooling methods inherent in this strategy. Height limitation, as defined by a complex plane referencing grade, was embraced as the primary influence on this intentionally incongruous formal operation which resulted in a staggered ceiling and roof, all of which is within 1” of the maximum allowable height.


Natural light transmission which would have been dramatically encumbered to the first floor was reintroduced by incorporating a walkable skylight positioned over the interior hallway of the lower floor and aligned to sun projections from the second floor windows.


By placing the addition above and structurally straddling the original house with 6 new columns, construction economies were created that allowed the original house to remain relatively untouched and in so doing posit a more sustainable solution.