This handcrafted table is designed and executed by Cameron Crockett, AIA, a celebrated Southern California architect who was inspired to repurpose traditional architectural tools to craft a furniture piece. This one-of-a-kind table celebrates the architectural model. It depicts the layout of a concentric city typical of such old world cities such as Paris, Rome, Vienna, Prague, and others which were built around medieval organization patterns. Unintentionally, as many admirers have pointed out, it also bears a similarity to the Game of Thrones opening sequence.

The table top is made from solid maple and maple butcher block material. The legs are custom made steel pieces.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful architectural model? As a child, Cameron was intrigued and drawn in by such displays. It is the intention of this piece to engage the users in this type of whimsey. The salt and pepper shakers are red towers within the centerpiece and small cars are loosely positioned – encouraging users to drive them around the streets.

Project URL: City Table