335 Nieto, Long Beach Ca. (corner of Nieto and Coronado st.)

This was a challenging site with a historically problematic and previously unsolved set of problems. This was originally constructed as a red car trolly stop in the early 1900’s and when the new owners took possession of the property it had been a series of failed restaurant venues all of which suffered due to a lack of indoor seating which created reduced seating revenue and repeated noise complaints from neighbors. Through a series of negotiations with the City of Long Beach we were able to acquire additional parking which facilitated the much needed addition of a new enclosed dining area.

The sites close proximity to the ocean at Marine Stadium made the building orientation towards this amazing view the focal point. To encourage the beach environment, indoor / outdoor dining and a large 15′ wide hanger door was installed to enhance this experience. the owners intend to operate this as a breakfast and neighborhood friendly venue catering to the local bike and runner traffic and we here at the studio can’t wait to have this addition to our city active!